Nifelheim - Possessed by evil

Nifelheim was founded in 1990 and recorded the demo tape Unholy Death between 1992 and 1993. The band signed to Necropolis Records and recorded the debut album Nifelheim at Studio Fredman.

In 1996, the band recorded the Vulcano cover "Witches Sabbat" with guest vocalist Goat (ex-Satanized) for the second Headbangers Against Disco split EP which also featured Usurper (de) and Unpure, and the song "Hellish Blasphemy" for the Gummo soundtrack; the latter was re-recorded for the band's second album, Devil's Force, which featured Zweetsloot and Nodtveidt.

In 1998, Nifelheim contributed "Die in Fire" to the Bathory tribute album In Conspiracy with Satan - A Tribute to Bathory (de). The band left Necropolis Records and recorded Servants of Darkness in March 2000, which was released through Black Sun Records. In 2001, the band played their first concert as headliner at the 2heavy4you festival in Sweden, followed by other concerts in Europe.


  • Hellbutcher (Per "Pelle" Gustavsson) - vocals
  • Tyrant (Erik Gustavsson) - bass
  • Satamas (Tamas Buday) - guitar
  • Savage Aggressor (Felipe Plaza Kutzbach) - guitar
  • Disintegrator (Eric Ljung) - drums

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  • 12, 2017 February
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